Instagram Account Maker

Using Instagram account maker you can easily make as many accounts as you want and use them for anything you need. The Instagram account maker supports proxies So you can go fully multi-threaded and get maximum output from the software. The Created Instagram Accounts are long lasting and works with another other software, accounts are exported as a text file in username: password format which is supported by all other software. Instagram account maker is regularly kept up to date with new updates on Instagram so it delivers maximum performance without any errors.

Instagram account maker features:-

1> Unlimited Accounts create as many accounts as you want with Instagram account maker. yes, you heard it right it’s unlimited!

2> Automatic Multi-threading With This Feature you can get maximum speed possible on your connection, Automatic Multi-threading detects your internet speed and ping rate then it adjusts the delays in between actions and offers broad techniques useful for the internet speed.

3> Proxy Support You get a feature to set a limit on no of accounts to create per run and per proxy. this is a very useful feature as it allows you to flexibly use the software according to your needs, a proxy is used automatically and they are automatically rotated after creating each account!

4> Automatic delays in each process our software has optimal delays between various steps and requests so it all works in a human way, the software adds and removes the waiting few seconds depending on the response from current operation, this improves software working and reduces the errors and saves bandwidth.

5> Automatic profile content it has an implicit feature to automatically fill profile details of all the accounts after creation (bio>website>profile picture and so on). this saves much of your time especially when you are dealing with multiple accounts.

6> Automatic email verification [BETA] this is our new feature, it allows you to setup your personal email server or bot uses the free servers on the internet, the bot will connect to email inbox automatically and click confirm links, thus the Instagram accounts will be automatically email verified.

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